Introduction to the use of new energy vehicle wiring harness specification solutions

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Have you been following and caring about the development of the new energy field? In today's society, new energy has become an important force in promoting sustainable development, providing us with cleaner and more efficient energy solutions. As a company committed to promoting and developing new energy technologies, we bring you a series of innovative products and solutions to help you move into a new era of sustainable energy.

Among them, common specifications of automotive wiring harnesses include nominal cross-sectional areas of wires ranging from 2.5mm to 70mm. Each wire has an allowable load current value and electrical equipment wires of different powers. Apply 0.5m guide rail wire to vehicle wiring harnesses, such as car lights, headlights, door lights, ceilings, etc.; 0.75 specification is suitable for license plate light wires, front and rear small lights, brake lights, etc.; 1.0 This standard wire is suitable for turn signals and fog lights ; Suitable for 1.5 specification headlight cords and speakers; Main power cords such as generator armatures are required to be 2.5~4mm2.

This means that for ordinary cars, the key is to look at the maximum current value of the load. For example, use separate ground wires and positive power wires for the battery. Their wire diameter is relatively large, at least 10 square millimeters. These "giant" wires will not be included in the main wiring harness.

The automobile wiring harness is the main body of the automobile circuit, and there is no automobile circuit in the wiring harness. Automotive wiring harness refers to a component that crimps contact terminals (connectors) made of copper material with wires and cables and then crimps them with plastic crimping insulators or external metal shells. It is used to bundle the wire harness and form a connecting circuit. For use outside the wiring harness. The electronic wiring harness industry chain includes wires and cables, connectors, processing equipment, wire harness manufacturing and downstream application industries.

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