Electric vehicle charging cable manufacturer process characteristics

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Electric vehicle charging cable is a carrier that connects electric vehicle and charging pile and is used to transmit electric power. It is composed of conductor, isolation layer, insulation, core wire and filling, inner sheath and jacket, etc. The basic function is to transmit electric power to electric vehicles, and equipped with a certain number of signal wires, control wires and power auxiliary wires to ensure the charging process is accurately controlled and operated without errors. At present, charging post cables are widely used in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, neighborhoods and garages, and portable charging cables can be placed in vehicles. With the development of charging technology, the charging cable not only needs to have the role of power transmission, but also needs to transfer the status and information of the vehicle and power battery to the charging post for real-time interaction, and control the charging action if necessary to ensure the safety of the charging process.

Electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier to connect electric vehicle and charging post, its basic function is to transmit electric energy.

15KW current 23A cable 4 square mm. 30KW current 46A cable 10 square mm. 60KW current 92A cable 25 square mm. 90KW current 120A cable 35 mm2. All charging posts should have zero and ground wires.

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