Specifications of Electric Vehicle DC Charging Pile Cables

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Grid-to-Vehicle EV solutions include Mode 4 DC EV cables for high-power DC charging installations typically above 50kW. This EV charging cable is rated for 1500VDC. The cable is manufactured according to IEC 62893 to meet the requirements of the internationally recognized standard for charging electric vehicles, IEC/EN 61851-1.

In cases where AC charging is required, for Mode 1 (domestic) Mode 2 and Mode 3 (public and commercial) charging units,

Mode 4 DC EV charging cables are the final link from the grid to the car. For EV charging unit connections we offer EV charging cables and for wider grid connections we offer a range of QA tested cables. Together, they provide an end-to-end solution for the EV charging cable market.

The DC charging pile is a power supply device that is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid, and can provide DC power for the off-board electric vehicle power battery. The input voltage of the DC charging pile adopts three-phase four-wire AC380V±15%, and the frequency is 50Hz. The output is adjustable direct current, which directly charges the power battery of the electric vehicle. Since the DC charging pile adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply, it can provide sufficient power, and the output voltage and current adjustment range is large, which can meet the requirements of fast charging. The three-phase 380V AC power enters the three-phase four-wire meter after passing through the EMC and other lightning protection filter modules, and the three-phase four-wire meter monitors the actual charging power of the entire charger when it is working. One DC charging pile is a large current of 1500V, and the heat will be relatively large, so the wires are relatively thick. The DC charging pile is fixedly installed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid, which can provide DC power supply for the non-vehicle electric vehicle power battery. .

DC charging pile cable is a special charging pile cable with oil resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, water resistance and anti electromagnetic interference; The product has good concentricity, high flexibility and stable and reliable performance. It is the best choice for outdoor charging pile.

If you choose to use a DC charging pile, you need to match the charging cable that meets the DC charging pile.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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