Basic specifications for charging station cables

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What is the basic principle of a charging station? In fact, the AC pile only inputs the main power supply (220VAC or 380VAC) into the electric vehicle through an adapter, and then converts AC into DC to charge the battery through an on-board charger. The DC charging station converts the mains AC power supply into a DC power supply, and then adjusts the output voltage and current of the power battery on the vehicle through real-time communication with the BMS.

Firstly, should we clearly distinguish between electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles? It is well known that fuel powered cars mainly provide power by adding fuel to the engine and gearbox; Electric vehicles are mainly driven by DC motors and battery packs, and other principles are basically the same.

How long does a regular car need to be charged? Taking taxis as an example: the capacity of the battery pack is 80kW. H. The power of the charging station is 120kw. When two guns are used simultaneously, the power of a single gun is 60kW; 80 kW. H ÷ 60kW=approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes; Single gun mode output 120kw; 80 kW. H ÷ 120kw=approximately 45 minutes.

Strictly speaking, the charging speed depends on the performance of the battery. The battery itself does not reject external charging current and has no control ability. However, high current charging can generate a large amount of heat for the battery, and if not released in a timely manner, it can damage the battery. Therefore, the BMS system will increase real-time effective control and limitation of charging power and current to achieve optimal state. When the charging power is too high and exceeds the limit value controlled by BMS, any higher charging power will be invalid.

So, how many charging ports will a pure electric vehicle have? Ordinary hybrid buses only have one AC charging port; Pure electric buses have two charging ports, one is the AC interface (connected to the AC pile), and the other is the DC interface (connected to the DC pile); The bus is just a DC interface. Due to the maximum current of a single DC charging gun being 250A, buses with large battery pack capacity will have multiple DC charging interfaces.

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