Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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As the current carrier connecting the electric vehicle and the charging pile, the charging cable has always been a concern of the public. It is necessary to transmit information between the two, control the charging, and ensure excellent insulation. On the basis of performance, the circuit features high aging resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, etc. Since it is often bent and dragged during use, the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable are also required.

The charging pile is a kind of electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities. The single-phase charging pile has a maximum rated power of 7kW and is mainly suitable for charging small passenger vehicles (pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). According to the battery capacity of the vehicle configuration, it generally takes 3-8 hours to fully charge. Among them, the maximum rated power of the three-phase AC charging pile is 43KW (some websites also report 44KW)! Most of the three-phase AC charging piles are fast charging for electric vehicles in Europe. Generally, fast charging requirements are stipulated: charging in half an hour reaches 80% of the battery capacity.

AC charging piles are suitable for providing AC power for electric vehicles with on-board chargers. AC charging piles can be easily installed in various public, internal units and internal parking lots of communities, and can also be installed in various large, medium and In a small electric vehicle charging station. It adopts self-service operation and is suitable for all kinds of unmanned parking spaces. Users can complete charging, payment and other operations independently.

Features of AC charging pile cable.... safe and stable, system integration, simple and easy to use, small footprint, easy installation and so on.

The AC charging pile provides reliable electrical safety protection functions, which can be anti-theft, dust-proof, waterproof, stable in operation, and can ensure long-term reliable operation. The protection level meets the outdoor IP54 level.

Product application: The AC cable of the electric vehicle charging cable is used to connect the electric vehicle conductive charging interface with an AC rated voltage of 22V. It is suitable for households or public places to use power supply equipment equipped with control and guide circuits to provide AC charging power for electric vehicles. It is a charging cable product that is routinely used in electric vehicles.

If you choose to use an AC charging pile, you need to match the charging cable that meets the AC charging pile.

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