Introduction to the Specification Standards of Electric Vehicle Charging Cables

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Safety requirements:

At present, the safety of electric vehicles has become a key concern in the industry. The charging and discharging process of electric vehicles should be highly valued for its long duration, high current intensity, and high frequency of cable usage. On the basis of ensuring good insulation performance, electric vehicle charging cables should have high heat resistance and aging resistance. At the same time, they should have good low smoke flame retardant properties during combustion to ensure that losses and injuries are minimized.

Technical requirements:

Most charging cable products in the market are produced based on these two standards. However, with the further development of charging cable technology and the improvement of usage requirements, these two standards have also introduced significant technical requirements for charging cables. Electric vehicle charging cables need to be frequently moved during use, and are mobile flexible cables that require considerable flexibility, Therefore, the insulation and sheath materials used also need to have good flexibility.

From this perspective, in the two standards IEC 60245 and IEC 60227, some materials (such as PVC/D type polyvinyl chloride mixture insulation material and SE 3 type rubber mixture sheath material) specified for cable insulation and sheath materials that can be used in mobile situations can meet the technical requirements of charging cables. Therefore, in the early development and manufacturing of charging cable products, most products cited these two standards as the basis.

Due to the interactivity of charging technology, charging cables not only undertake the transmission of energy from the connected distribution network to electric vehicles, but also have functions such as transmitting vehicle information (such as charging current control, vehicle voltage information, insulation monitoring, etc.) and charging action control. They are a comprehensive type of cable that combines energy transmission and information transmission.

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