The characteristics of electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction materials

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, EU RoHS standards, REACH regulations and other related environmental regulations are being gradually implemented in the electrical and electronic field, in many cases thermoplastic flame retardant safe and clean wire rubber has become the focus of research and study. Development of the cable using all-plastic TPE halogen-free flame retardant cable material, with performance.

Charging pile cable is the bridge connecting the pile to the vehicle, and its performance is very important. In addition to the basic cable outdoor performance such as insulation and flame retardant, the overall hardness of the cable should not be too high. The so-called charging pile cable material generally refers to the elastomer-related materials used for the insulation and outer layer, and the material performance requires oil resistance, tear resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high and low resistance, etc. Heat resistance and flexibility Currently, TPU, TPE and PVC elastomers are the mainstream.

TPU is characterized by high strength and good wear resistance, these two points are irreplaceable by other TPE materials, TPU wear resistance and strength performance is much better than TPE, but the touch is not as good as TPE currently the softest TPU hardness is about 55A or more.

The main characteristics of TPU is a wide range of hardness, with the increase in hardness, the product still maintains good elasticity and wear resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent cold resistance, good processing performance, oil resistance, water resistance, mold resistance, recyclability. Good sex Compared with TPU, TPE has large elasticity loss at high hardness.

TPE is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Elastomer, meaning thermoplastic elastomer, is a special functional material with both plasticity and rubber elasticity. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe through injection molding, with a wide range of hardness, excellent colorability, tactility, weatherability and fatigue resistance, and can reduce costs by recycling heat resistance.

SEBS-based TPE materials have low strength, easy precipitation, low resilience, poor weatherability and fatigue resistance, and improve flame retardancy by adding large amounts of inorganic flame retardants, which tend to drip and smoke heavily when burning. This overall decline in performance affects the service life and operational safety of the product, and also limits the application of low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant TPE materials, especially in the field of electronic and electrical connection lines. New energy charging pile cable materials.

At present, the insulation and protection materials for automotive wiring harnesses below 105℃ are mostly PVC materials, while PVC materials for domestic automotive wiring harnesses often have disadvantages such as extruded surface frosting and poor low-temperature performance. In the special environment (such as small space, poor heat dissipation, frequent mutual friction, etc.) and special requirements (thin-walled, high-speed extrusion, etc.) and cost control requirements for the use of automotive wiring harnesses are being studied, it is necessary to further improve the performance.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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