Electric vehicle AC light emitting charging cable technology introduced

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Uses and features: Used for electric vehicle charging piles in public places such as parking lots and home wall-mounted; the wire glows evenly at night with soft light, making it easy to observe charging at night. As an important carrier tool for charging posts and electric vehicles to transmit electricity, especially in the process of charging electric vehicles at night, having luminous charging cables will provide convenience throughout the process.

OMG cable manufacturer. omg ac luminescent charging cable integrates cold light technology. When charging, the cable glows evenly with a soft light, making it suitable for nighttime charging observation. The luminous process of the luminous cable does not produce any heat, with extremely low energy consumption; it has good shockproof performance and is not easy to fail due to severe external impact; the lighting control is integrated and processed; its luminous life can reach 10,000 hours. The charging cable is made of halogen-free material and the insulation layer is TPE, which meets the requirements of S90 insulation material in CQC standard; the sheath is made of TPU. the luminous ray is resistant to bending and abrasion, and more flexible and elastic than other products. In addition, OMG has invested enough production base to ensure the supply and technical support for customers' needs.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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