Electric vehicle high-power charging cable product features

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New energy vehicles have gradually entered everyone's real life, and charging electric vehicles has become everyone's "daily life". If the current development speed is to meet the large-scale demand as scheduled, it still takes more time to produce, research and develop other high-tech products.

New energy DC cables are power cables used in DC power transmission and distribution systems. The structure of DC cables is basically the same as AC cables except for the electrical characteristics of operation. Mainly used in fast charging of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles and service fields. Comprehensive billing, security protection and other functions.

The insulation of DC cables can be the same as that of oil-impregnated paper insulated cables, solid extruded polymer cables, self-contained oil-filled cables and gas-filled cables. Since the armor layer is not affected by the conductor current, there is no need to consider the loss of the armor layer and measures to reduce the resistivity of the armor layer.

Among them, a high-power charging pile cable is characterized by: including a main power core, an auxiliary power core, a charging communication core, a detection communication optical unit, an outer cooling pipe, a central cooling pipe, a wrapping tape, and an inner sheath. , shielding reinforcement layer, and outer sheath are composed of ten parts; the charging communication wire core is a 2-pair 2-core twisted structure, and is cabled together with the detection communication optical unit to form a detection control unit of the charging pile cable, and is connected to the main power supply The wire cores are arranged tangentially; the auxiliary power wire cores are composed of conductors and insulation. The two auxiliary power wire cores are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the detection control unit composed of the charging communication wire core and the detection communication light unit, and are connected to the main power supply wire core. Tangent position.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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