Hybrid/electric vehicle high-voltage cables

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With the country's energy shortage and environmental awareness, new energy vehicles have achieved rapid development. The hybrid vehicles can meet the problem of reducing fuel consumption and achieving energy recycling on the one hand, and solving the problem of insufficient range of pure electric vehicles on the other. High-voltage wiring harness as a hybrid vehicle energy transmission carrier, its safety, reliability, stability for the vehicle's high-voltage system electrical safety is essential.

1、High-voltage wiring harness design points

High-voltage wiring harness in the design needs to take full account of the vehicle operating conditions, the limit of ambient temperature, the vehicle layout, power battery voltage platform and other factors. The high-voltage wiring harness contains parts including high-voltage cables, cable cladding (bellows, compilation network), fixed brackets, high-voltage connectors, high-voltage terminals, etc.

According to the layout diagram of each high-voltage electrical component of the whole vehicle, determine the electrical characteristics of the high-voltage components connected to the high-voltage harness, including rated operating current, peak operating current, peak power, duration, rated power, peak power, etc. And combined with the ambient temperature around the harness layout, select the right size and reasonable temperature cable type.

The internal environment of the hybrid vehicle is complex, the cable needs to adapt to a wide range of temperatures, at the same time, due to the impact of the cable's own resistance, when the high current flows for a long time, it will generate high heat, so the cable temperature resistance is an important factor in the selection of cable models.

Whether hybrid, all-electric or fuel cell, all of these types of vehicles require automotive wire and cable to handle extreme load currents. Our high-voltage (HV) cables are very well suited to meet all electrical, thermal and mechanical requirements.

For more EV HV Cable and electric vehicle High-Voltage cable, please visit OMG official website: https://www.omgevcable.com

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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