High-voltage cable specifications for use in new energy vehicles

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The main types of high-voltage cables are YJV cables, VV cables, YJLV cables, and VLV cables. YJV cable is a cross-linked polyethylene insulated polyvinyl chloride sheathed power cable (copper core). VV cable full name of polyvinyl chloride insulation poly chloride.

New energy vehicles typically operate under high-power electricity with voltages up to 700V (DC) and currents up to 400A, which poses significant challenges for the design of high-voltage power distribution systems and the selection of high-voltage components. Considering the vehicle space, complexity of vehicle architecture and cost, the industry widely adopts centralized high-voltage electrical system architecture for power distribution.

EV cable adopts extruded PVC or XLPE as the inner insulator, tinned copper shield, aluminum foil tape and high tear-resistant silicone rubber sheath.

The high voltage power supply goes directly to the high voltage distribution box and is distributed to the system's high voltage electrical products according to the system's needs, which is demanding. However, most of the high-voltage distribution boxes in the market today follow the design concept of industrial high-voltage distribution boxes, and their safety, reliability and durability do not meet the requirements of the automotive working environment. For example, for high-power electrical loads such as motor inverters (Inverters) and voltage converters (DC/DC), pre-charge processing and condition monitoring are required. Traditional electrical circuits are difficult to monitor effectively and can easily cause damage to high-voltage switching components, such as sticky terminals. The industry often uses products with relatively high electrical parameters to solve this problem, but the size and cost are not ideal.

Among them, new energy high-voltage components are mainly based on three electric components, including power batteries, drive motors and high-voltage distribution boxes (PDUs) for electronic control systems. For the battery, there are DC contactors, high-voltage relays, pre-charging resistors, etc. For the motor, there are stator, rotor, current sensor, AC contactor, etc. For the electric control system, there are on-board charger, PTC and electric compressor. , high-voltage line contactor, OBC/DC, DC 2-in-1 controller, etc.

Among them, the high-voltage transfer box used in new energy vehicles (pure electric) contains copper plates, circuit breakers, air switches, internal contactors, soft starters, inverter capacitors, transformers, contactors, relays, knife fuse switches, surge protectors, transformers, ammeters, voltmeters, transfer switches, etc.

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Special design for high voltage cable process

Special design for high voltage cable process

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Hybrid/electric vehicle high-voltage cables

Hybrid/electric vehicle high-voltage cables

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