Special design for high voltage cable process

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Domestic cables have one solid copper core, while high-voltage cables consist of multiple fine copper wires. Increased conductivity. When there is alternating current or alternating magnetic field in the conductor, there will be a "skin effect", the current will be concentrated in the "skin part" of the wire, the current density on the surface of the conductor is greater than the density in the center. Roughly speaking, it can be understood that the main conductor conducts electricity by the surface.

And the higher the frequency of alternating current, the more obvious the "skin effect" will be. The high voltage platform of a new energy vehicle is 300-400V, and the frequency can reach kHz level, which is dozens of times higher than that of a household appliance, so the high voltage wiring harness must reduce the "core" area. As an extreme example, assuming that the wire is infinitely thin, it can be seen as the entire wire is conducting electricity, and the conductivity of the high-voltage harness composed of countless thin wires can be significantly enhanced. And there are other benefits. The main high voltage harness has a cross-sectional area of 50 mm², which is 5-10 times thicker than household electricity. It is much more rigid and difficult to bend. Not only is it difficult to layout in a car, but it can also pierce into the cockpit after a collision, increasing the safety risk. Considering strength and toughness, as well as safety, multi-core wire is also a better choice.

Vehicle high-voltage harnesses have shielding: Maxwell the Great says that electricity generates magnetism. When there is current passing through a wire, a magnetic field will be generated around it. The shield can shield this electromagnetic field in the harness, not affecting other components, while reducing electromagnetic radiation. It also shields against external influences and prevents interference from outside magnetic fields.

Finally, to summarize, the basic principle of home and car wiring harnesses are the same, are based on the current and voltage requirements to choose the right wire, not necessarily the thicker the better. Moreover, because of the more demanding conditions of use, automotive high-voltage wiring harnesses require higher standards, in the design will also consider more details, safer and more durable.

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