Cable manufacturing process and quality control

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Some process steps are more challenging and require a higher degree of precision. For example, removing the foil layer or cutting the shield is more critical, as the performance or safety of the connector may be significantly affected. In addition, some process steps are required for almost all connector and cable types, and only some specific connectors require additional process steps.

Depending on the number of specific connector families, it may make more sense to automate only critical or common steps versus continuing to perform simpler or less common steps through manual operations. However, if the volume justifies it, it can all be automated.

Currently, over 97% of high voltage applications require shielded cables, whether multicore or coaxial. HV applications range from 3mm2 to 120mm2 single core (coaxial) or 2 x 2.5mm2 to 5 x 6.0mm2 multicore cables for a wide variety of single and multi-cable connectors.

Therefore, customers seriously considering expanding their offerings to HV cable assemblies must look at automation solutions that offer not only high precision but complete flexibility to protect any investment in the knowledge that future handling requirements may change. It is important that systems can be expanded in the field so that they can grow and adapt as your business does.

Due to their different functions and/or configurations, different connectors often have very different individual process steps. However, there are some basic steps that apply to almost all of them that relate to properly stripping the cable and loading the collar.

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