The difference between the characteristics of RVV cable and RVV53 52

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Equipment cables include 60227IEC0260227IEC06, RVV52, RVV53, RVVYP, RVVP, RVVY, fire cow wire, flat wire for plating equipment, electronic wire and other high voltage cables/CE quality standards. Through many follow-up visits, they have won the recognition of many manufacturers as reliable quality wire and cable manufacturers. omg cable specializes in equipment cables, elevator cables, electric vehicle cables, etc. The above quotation is for reference only. We welcome inquiries and purchases.

PVC sheathed flexible cable (60227 IEC 53 RVV) Product Description:

Product advantage: PVC sheathed flexible cable is a general product with sufficient market demand. The product has passed the quality standard and has a long service life, which is trusted by customers.

Conductor type: The conductor is made of multiple strands of fine copper wire stranded together with strong flexibility.

Insulation characteristics: Insulated with modified flexible environmental protection PVC material, oil and water resistant, high and low temperature resistant, high mechanical strength, good chemical stability and excellent dielectric properties.

Applicable environment: -10℃~70℃

Applicable products: Power supply line, control line and signal transmission line for electrical appliances, instruments, electronic equipment and automation equipment. Specifically, it can be used for burglar alarm systems, building intercom systems, household lighting lines, etc. Of course, there are more product functions applicable to new energy harness products.

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