Automotive Unshielded Cable Application

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Automotive unshielded cables are mainly used for the connection of electrical systems and electronic equipment in vehicles. They transfer power, signals and data within and between vehicles to perform a variety of functions, including:

1. Ignition system: Use unshielded cables to connect the ignition coil, ignition switch and spark plug to transmit the ignition signal.

2. Lighting system: used to connect vehicle lighting devices such as lights, turn signals, brake lights, etc.

3. Electric windows and electric seats: Use unshielded cables to connect the motors and control switches of electric windows and electric seats to realize remote control.

4. Audio system: used to connect car audio, radio, speakers and other audio equipment.

5. Instrument panel and control panel: Unshielded cables are used to connect instruments, indicators and control switches on the instrument panel.

6. Security system: used to connect to the security system of the vehicle, such as anti-theft system, reversing radar, etc.

7. Communication and navigation system: use unshielded cables to connect vehicle communication and navigation equipment, such as Bluetooth system, GPS navigation, etc.

8. Auxiliary equipment: Auxiliary equipment used to connect to the vehicle, such as rear-view camera, reversing radar, on-board computer, etc.

To sum up, automotive unshielded cables play a very important role in today's cars, connecting and transmitting various power, signals and data to support the functions and performance of the vehicle.

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