Electric forklift charging cable technology introduction

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As the battery power decreases, the power output of the motor also decreases, and the machine becomes weaker and weaker as the gear change proceeds. Few DC electric forklifts can last a full day, especially in heavy duty applications, and downtime to recharge is unacceptable. Technology has completely replaced the old direct current (DC) motors with modern alternating current (AC) motors. Outdated DC motors were underpowered and could only draw power from the available battery voltage.

Forklifts with AC motors can maintain their performance as battery voltage drops. Operators can rely on full power for the entire shift until the voltage is so low that the battery needs to be recharged or replaced with a new one. AC motors are very energy efficient and their excellent performance is due to advances in battery technology.

Electric forklifts use several different types of energy storage and power supply batteries. Compared to automotive batteries, forklift batteries are large, heavy and expensive. However, operating a heavy-duty forklift is expected to consume much more electricity than starting a car.

Most forklift batteries are lead-acid batteries, where electricity is stored in a liquid-filled cell and supplied to an electric motor via a cable. Charging cable technology continues to break through and remains at the forefront of technology to provide efficient, cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable power solutions.

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