Specifications and models of charging cables used in household EV

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As charging cable connections between electric vehicles and charging pile of current carrier, security problem has always been the concern of the Volkswagen group, both the need for the information transmission between the two, and to control the charging, but also on the basis of guarantee excellent insulating performance, this circuit has high aging resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, weather resistance, such as performance, Because in the use of the process often need to bend, drag, so it also requires the flexibility and mechanical properties of the cable.

Generally, according to the rated charging power, it can be divided into 3.5kW and 7kW household charging piles. The rated current of 3.5KW charging piles is 16A, and that of 7kW is 32A. Both types of charging points are connected to 220 volts of single-phase household electricity.

Household charging piles are normally connected to 220 volts of single-phase electricity, but cables and air switches are different depending on the power and current. The 3.5KW charger or charging pile is connected with 4 square cables, the normal line of our household electricity to air conditioning is 4 square, if it is portable grounding free 3.5KW charger can be directly plugged into the air conditioning socket to charge, if it is charging pile will be connected with 4 square lines (if the electricity meter is too far away from the parking space, it is recommended to use 6 square lines). 7kW power charging pile or charger alone use a group of cable to connect at least 6 square or more than 6 square line, ground must be connected, if the wiring distance is far recommended to use 10 square line. There is not much difference between the cost of a 10 square line and a 6 square line for safety.

In addition, the rated current of the 7kW household charging pile is 32A, and the air switch on the line requires 40A or 60A. If the line overcurrent or overpressure of the air switch can be timely protection.

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OMG EV cable product introduction

OMG EV cable product introduction

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