Introduction of Conductive AC Charging for Electric Vehicles

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The development of electric vehicles is driving changes in the automotive, power and energy industries. In this new industry, the process of standardization is crucial, for example, regarding the charging cables and interface standards between electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, which is what affects how quickly and easily different models can be replenished with electricity between different countries and regional grids.

At present, the world's main conductive product specifications are: national standard, European standard and American standard charging cables. Generally speaking, because DC non-vehicle chargers can generate high power (100kW or more), the charging time is short, and they are mostly used for fast charging. AC charging generally uses 220V or 110V voltage directly to replenish the battery through the on-board charger, and the power is usually below 7kW due to the limitation of the size and heat dissipation of the on-board motor, so the charging time is long, so it often uses the peak and valley electricity at night to charge the electric vehicle slowly.

Of course, AC charging is influenced by the grid systems of different countries and regions, and the requirements for charging connector voltage and current vary in charging standards.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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