There are special requirements for charging pile cables

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Its functional requirements Electric vehicle charging cable is the carrier that connects electric vehicles and charging piles, and its basic function is to transmit electrical energy. However, with the development of charging technology, EVs and charging piles need to communicate and automatically control when necessary in order to better complete the charging process. Therefore, the charging process places higher demands on the charging cable (EV cable). The charging cable not only needs high-voltage cable (EV HV cable) with power transmission function, but also needs to transmit the status and information of the vehicle and power battery to the charging pile for real-time interaction, and control the charging action to complete the charging process safely and reliably under the necessary conditions.

Electric cars rely on electricity to achieve vehicle driving, so electric cars need to charge the battery without electricity after using for a period of time. Many consumers are confused about this charging problem, because unlike traditional fuel cars, electric cars can be driven without refueling or fueling, but they must be charged for a period of time before driving, which is why consumers don't know much about electric cars cars. When it comes to electric car charging, we have to mention the electric car charging cable. Today to give you the requirements of the electric car charging cable.

At present, the safety of electric vehicles has become the focus of the industry. In the charging and discharging process of electric vehicles, the safety of the cables should be paid great attention due to their long usage time, high current intensity and high usage frequency. On the basis of ensuring good insulation performance, the electric vehicle charging cable should have high heat resistance and aging resistance. It should also have good low smoke and flame retardant characteristics during the combustion process to minimize losses and injuries.

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