The role of the application wire fire cow cable

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Conductor using multi-stranded oxygen-free copper wire stranded, flexible, insulation using improved PVC material insulation, oil and water resistant corrosion resistant, high mechanical strength, chemical stability performance and excellent electrical properties. Use characteristics first, the only long-term use of the cable conductor does not exceed 70 ℃, the laying environment temperature is not less than 0 ℃; second, the conductor is stranded with TR soft copper conductor, insulation using a double layer, the inner layer of white insulation PVC, the outer layer as a protective layer, so that the product in the case of passing a large current to ensure safety and service life. Finally, the cable outside diameter of less than 25mm allowable bending radius of not less than 4 times the outside diameter of the cable, cable outside diameter of 25mm and above bending radius of not less than 6 times the outside diameter of the cable.

Firebull wire RVW is the cable applied to electroplating equipment, welding machine connection wire, engineering wire, pcb equipment, automated plating production line, circuit board, connecting rectifier on the cable. The following are the parameters of the fire bull wire performance, for reference and sharing only, if you need to know can click the official website consultation.

Fire bull wire production requirements.

Rated voltage 450/750V

Cable use temperature

Use temperature -40℃~70℃

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