Electric vehicles choose the specifications of household charging pile cables

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The era of cars on the road is constantly changing, however, the electric vehicle charging industry is divided into public charging and home charging, especially as a charging cable for cars and charging piles, which is essential. It may be a trend in the future.

Generally, according to the charging rated power, it can be divided into 3.5kw and 7kw household charging piles. The rated current of the 3.5kw charging pile is 16A, and the rated current of the 7kw charging pile is 32A. These two power charging piles are connected to household 220-volt single-phase electricity.

When you charge an electric car, the alternating current (AC) it receives from the grid needs to be converted to direct current (DC) in order for it to power the car battery in the correct form. Of course, this can be done via a converter in the vehicle or an external charger.

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