Cable protection for mining and heavy vehicles

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Mining truck means a carriage that is loaded at the production point and towed to the bottom of the pit or the ground by a locomotive or other power train. They have different capacities, either wood structure, steel structure or combination of both. The transportation of heavy goods shall prevail, and the connection equipment shall be precise and standard while producing vehicles. Pass the inspection report safely. These vehicles, commonly known as Mine-Spec vehicles, must meet the specifications tailored to the safety and optional equipment requirements of each mine.

Meaning of heavy vehicles: heavy trucks are large vehicles used to transport heavy objects. Drivers of these vehicles must be specially trained and licensed. You need a special license to drive a heavy truck. Heavy truck refers to a truck with a maximum allowable weight of more than 7.5 tons. For example: passenger buses, vehicles, livestock and other agricultural vehicles. Mobile cranes and other special vehicles. These vehicle drivers need to obtain the qualification to drive on the road through qualification. Ensure driving safety and regulation.

So, what protective measures should be taken for equipment cables and wires? In order to reduce safety risks, heavy cable ties and nylon cable ties (or cable clamps) can be used to protect cables, which is an effective way to organize and manage cables.

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Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

Application of electric vehicle AC charging cable

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