thickness differentiation of automobile high voltage harness

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High voltage cable --- thickness differentiation of automobile high voltage harness

New energy vehicles must be familiar to everyone. How much do you know about the wires and cables inside the vehicle? About the thickness of high-voltage harness: in fact, the principle of household cable used is the same as that of other electric fields, such as new energy vehicles. For example, two kinds of high-voltage wires of two vehicles are put together for comparison. The conclusion is that "the high-voltage harness of vehicle a (thin wire) is thin and of poor quality".

Of course, these are two kinds of high-voltage lines, which have different functions and cannot be directly compared. There are many kinds of high-voltage harnesses used in the car, such as 3mm2-50mm2 or even 70mm2. Taking the pure electric vehicle as an example, under the same high voltage of nearly 400V, the high-voltage line used by the 85KW motor is certainly different from the high-voltage line used by the 6.6kw charger - "thickness" means the difference in the cross-sectional area of the copper wire, which is also obvious. Therefore, the necessary high-voltage harness used in the vehicle is assembled on different parts according to the power demand.

The high-voltage harness is connected to the spare parts on the vehicle, including drive motor, air conditioning system, on-board battery, etc. These applicable materials are also common materials according to the matching requirements of devices, such as 125 ℃ XLPE and 180 ℃ silica gel, which have high and low temperature resistance and tear resistance. The cable material is thermosetting material, and the wires and cables are soft and smooth, Cables of different specifications and models are made of shielded or unshielded materials.

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Special design for high voltage cable process

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Standard Specification of high temperature and high voltage shielded cable for new energy vehicles

Due to the challenges and requirements of high-voltage cables applied by electric vehicles, it is necessary to establish new cable standards to meet the needs of suppliers, wire harness manufacturers and main engine manufacturers. Browse the website for more product information.

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