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GFUVE GROUP was established in 2005. It is a high-tech enterprise group company integrating design, production, manufacturing and sales. GFUVE GROUP have five subsidiary and one Technology R & D...

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The round jaw design on the S50 Series AC current clamp on CT along with the high content permalloy core makes them well suited for power quality applications where high accuracy and low phase shift along with wide frequency are important from 10Hz to 10MHz. Measurement range is 1mA to 1200A. The S50 clamp on ct is a general purpose 1200A AC current clamp designed for use with DMMs & BNC, power loggers and energy meter calibration instruments that have a current input. It has a 1000:1 ratio and output of 1mA per amp or 1mV per amp measured in the jaw. The S50 clamp on CT has an integral 2.5m lead terminated. The rounded jaw design on this current clamp makes it well-suited for power applications where high accuracy 0.1% and low phase shift and wide frequency response are important.


■ Power meter;

■ Phase angle meter;

■ Energy sub-meters;

■ Cable fault analysis;

■ Power load monitoring;

■ Large industrial loads;

■ Data logging/recording;

■ Energy meter calibrator;

■ Earth resistance meter;

■ Power quality monitoring;

■ power and harmonic meters;

■ Power quality analyzer(PQA);

■ CT secondary current detection;

■ Measuring around cable bundles;

■ Waveform analysis(oscilloscopes meter);


■ UL, CE CNAS mark;

■ High content permalloy core;

■ Holding wire diameter: φ52mm;

■ Frequency 10Hz-10MHz Bandwidth;

■ Conforms to EN 61010, 600V CAT III;

■ Measurement range of 1mA to 1200A AC;

■ Low phase shift for power measurement;

■ Industrial design & beautiful appearance;

■ Improved ergonomic design & easy operation;

■ High precision 0.1% for current measurement;

■ Designed for DMMs, recorders, loggers, oscilloscopes, power and harmonic meters;

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