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GFUVE GROUP was established in 2005. It is a high-tech enterprise group company integrating design, production, manufacturing and sales. GFUVE GROUP have five subsidiary and one Technology R & D...

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The GF1000 series multi-positions single phase kWh meter test bench can measure mechanical meters, electronic mechanical meters and electricity meter error by the way of automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation. It composes of single phase programmable power source, high precision single phase reference energy meter, meter suspension test rack, Multi-channel server and precision clock source etc. GF1000 meter test bench is applied in the measurement centre of grid company energy measurement department of power supply company and energy management utility, industrial enterprise and meter manufacturers.


■ Pre-warming;

■ Meter constant test;

■ Starting current test;

■ Creep test (No-load test);

■ Dips and Interruptions;

■ Dial test (Register test);

■ Equipped with RS232 communication port;

■ Testing single-phase meters under tampered conditions;

■ Calibration of lower accuracy reference standard meter;

■ Able to print out all kinds of test reports with the standard forms;

■ Calibrate all kinds of electronic and inductive single phase kWh meter;

■ Influence quantity test (voltage, frequency, harmonic distortion, etc.);

■ Automatic measurement like shunting, basic errors, standard deviation etc;

■ Accuracy test in all four quadrants (active, reactive and apparent energy);

■ Test voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, phase, power factor, frequency, and etc;

■ Able to display waveform of voltage and current able to set 2nd-51st harmonic of voltage and current, measure the waveform distortion and harmonic content, and display harmonic chart;


■ With auto PC control software;

■ With barcode scanning function optional;

■ Meter positions can be chosen from 3 - 48;

■ Self-check and perfect protection function;

■ High resolution of voltage, current and power;

■ Large LCD display and simple interface for operation;

■ Full automatic, semi automatic and manual operation available;

■ Aluminum alloy material,light and strong and corrosion resistant;

■ Wide current measuring range which can be automatically switched;

■ High stability of power source which is up to 0.01%/100s and low distortion which is no more than 0.3%;

■ High accuracy, 6-digit display the energy relative errors are no more than 0.05%(0. 1%)within the measuring range;

■ Equipped with sing phase mulfunction reference meter and progam-conrolled single phase power source which can be separately used and are convenient for testing;

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