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GFUVE GROUP was established in 2005. It is a high-tech enterprise group company integrating design, production, manufacturing and sales. GFUVE GROUP have five subsidiary and one Technology R & D...

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Артикул: GF312B
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GF312B portable three phase energy meter calibrator with printer is used to calibrate three phase, single phase, active and reactive energy meters error. And it also can be used as voltage, current and power meter to measure AC parameters of three phase power line. It can measure wave distortion factor and 2nd to 64nd harmonic wave. GF312B calibrator is used for grid corporation of measurement and energy test center, metrological service of power supply bureau, national energy measurement of testing authorities.


■ Smart scanning head;

■ Display vector diagram;

■ 6.4 inch TFT color LCD;

■ Measure CT variable ratio;

■ Display waveform of U and I;

■ Store and query measured data;

■ Calculation of make-up electricity;

■ Print the data of calibration on site;

■ Software automatic calibration technology;

■ Check the wiring error of the electricity meter;

■ In-built 0.01% wide-range current transformer;

■ Analyze and display content of harmonic of U and I;

■ Voltage and current synchronous sampling technology;

■ Optional 5A, 20A, 100A, 500A, 1000A, 2000A , 3000A current clamp;


■ Measure frequency of power line;

■ Testing the error of metering integrated device;

■ Measure I (current) of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure phase angle between voltage and current;

■ Measure U (voltage) of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure power factor of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure active power of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure reactive power of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure apparent power of three phase or single phase;

■ Measure harmonics of voltage and current from 2 to 64nd;

■ Calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive meter error;

■ Testing three phase active or reactive electricity energy meter error;

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