Brief introduction to Nickel-Zinc battery for vehicles

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Brief introduction to Nickel-Zinc battery for vehicles

The nickel-zinc battery for vehicles produced by our company has strong and lasting power with powerful climbing performance under loading. It has advantages of quick start, easy control of speed with enjoyment and fun in riding or driving. Our nickel-zinc batteries passed by UL, CE certification, even in extreme cases the battery itself does not burn nor burst to ensure the safety of the rider personnel. In addition, the nickel-zinc batteries can work at ambient temperature 110 degrees centigrade and can output strong current under cryogenic temperature as low as minus 40 degrees centigrade. Our technicians have overcome the bottleneck of low temperature operation of batteries, so that electric cars or bicycles can work or operate at any place under any atmosphere and temperature. The nickel-zinc battery for vehicles equipped with specially designed protection circuits is able to prevent battery overcharge and over discharge with long service life.

Features & characteristics:

1), High discharging rate, easy to climber and load;

2), Continuous operation with longer distance;

3), With anti-theft shell of light aluminum alloy, stylish, sturdy, portable;

4), With over-discharging protection;

5), With over-recharging protection;

6), With short circuit protection;

7), Normal operation under minus 40 degrees centigrade;

8), Obtained UL, CE certification with safety and reliability;

9), With long recycling duration and service life, rechargeable for at least 400 times;

10), No memory effect;

11), Fast recharging capacity.

Parameters and data:

1), Nominal capacity/distance (integrated road):

6Ah/40km, 8Ah/53km, 10Ah/65km, 20Ah/100km

2), Rated voltage: 48V (36V/24V, or customize)

3), Weight (including crust):

(5.7Kg/6Ah), (7.1Kg/8Ah), (8.6Kg/10A).

4), Shape: available to customize

5), Rechargeable: >400 times

6), Shelf life: >2 years

Alex Li

Mobile: +86 13929890858

Skype: vacuum-metallizer


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