1080P HD car black box car dvr car camera High-end driving the black box

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Our professional pinhole camera, mini dv, drive recorder, laptop computers, GPS personal location products such as professional production and processing, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen,our...

Адрес: Китай, shenzhen, , Bao'an District, Shenzhen City Huafeng Science and Technology Park
Телефон: +8607(552) 943-6340
E-mail адрес:
Skype: hanfeng072125
Компания: Shenzhen Han Feng Technology Co., Ltd.
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Город: shenzhen
Категория: Транспортные средства


-Very Portable. Can rotate 180°,140°high resolution A+ wild angle lens,270°

Swivel LCD display, convenient to take video/photo in difference situations.

-Built-in low noise & high quality sensor, can capture clear image in low light


-Support high definition video: 1080p/15fps,720p(1280X720P/30fps).

-Use the most advanced H.264/AV C code.

-With circulate recording function, can delete the old file and record the new file

-With no seam recording function, can cover each file in 1 second automatically.

-With motion detection function, save more storage space

-With swivel LCD display function, install in difference location conveniently.

-With Day/Nigh section mode to record the exactly date and time.

-With delay turn on function, to avoid any proceed to flush and damage the


-Auto power on when staring the car. Auto power off when the car is off after 30

seconds. Make the thunderbolt records are more complete..

-Anti-Shake mode,to record the whole situation more clearly.

-Can catch the amazing image through the LCD display when taking self-portrait.

-Face detection/smile shot function.

-With Day/Light selectable mode, make the records more clearly.

-Support DC 12V~24V, be suitable to various kinds of car. Incluing truck and bus.

-Support to SDHC card.

-HDMI/CVBS port.


-Auto sensitivity control, high performance dual LED light.

-Auto save electronic power control, can turn off the LCD in order to save the

electronic power.

-Built-in simultaneous charging and recording mode.

-Built-in microphone/speaker, with stereo export and better high fidelity.

Traffic recorder with 1080P HD camera, a clear record of travel per second, in addition to support cyclic recording and motion detection function, to save storage space, storage, real-time information. Supports H.264 lossless compression technology, making the image smoother, no dropped frames that do not leak seconds, to ensure the integrity of the image data, an important moment not to miss any important fragments.

1080P HD car dvr car camera High-end driving the black box

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GPS positioning car black box HD 1080P car camera

GPS positioning car black box HD 1080P car camera

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