New HD travel guide with voice recorder / car black box

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Our professional pinhole camera, mini dv, drive recorder, laptop computers, GPS personal location products such as professional production and processing, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen,our...

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Компания: Shenzhen Han Feng Technology Co., Ltd.
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Driving recorder is installed in the car near the front windshield of a wide-angle or ultra wide-angle lens configuration of the camera recording device.

After installation and commissioning, once the car engine ignition, driving recorder immediately start shooting, driving the process used to record all the images in the forward direction, its main purpose is to valid evidence in the event of accident, of course, you can also record traveling by car along the beautiful scenery.

Since the main evidence for the accident, so the recorder is currently driving the pixels are often not too high. Generally take the memory card recorder to record, according to the pixel size and the configuration of the memory card, recording time ranging from several hours to ten hours, the recorder used to read and write cycles

Image Sensor: 5 megapixel

Lens angle: 140 degrees

Lens Angle: 200 degrees rotation around

Display: 2.0 inch TFT LCD

Video quality: HD1280 * 720

Photo Pixels: 2560 * 1920

Voice prompts: Intelligent Voice Wizard

Memory Card: Mini SD card support 32G

Battery: 800ma

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