Tubular Fabric Reversing Machine(ST-TFRM)

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Suntech Industrial is one of the leading designers & manufacturers on textile machines for weaving & finishing units, especially for fabric inspection & make-up machines. Over 40 years...

Адрес: Китай, Ningbo, , Factory-- Ningbo, China Jiulei Economic & Development Zone, Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Brand office--Hongkong Blk A2, 15/F Hillier Commercial Building 65-75 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hongkong
Телефон: 86-571-86597559
Факс: 86-571-86597559
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Артикул: ST-TFRM
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Город: Ningbo
Категория: Машины и станки

Product Description

ST-TFRM Tubular Fabric Reversing Machine has both model ST-TFRM-400 and ST-TFRM-500. This machine is specially designed for turning the cylindric shape pure fabrics inside out before they are ready to be dyed and does not cause any damage to the fabric after dyeing. Ergonomically designed Fast and easily handled, requiring for one operator only Reduce administration

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