Woven Fabric Inspection Machine (Economic Type-For Denim Fabric Also)(ST-WFIM)

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Suntech Industrial is one of the leading designers & manufacturers on textile machines for weaving & finishing units, especially for fabric inspection & make-up machines. Over 40 years...

Адрес: Китай, Ningbo, , Factory-- Ningbo, China Jiulei Economic & Development Zone, Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Brand office--Hongkong Blk A2, 15/F Hillier Commercial Building 65-75 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hongkong
Телефон: 86-571-86597559
Факс: 86-571-86597559
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Артикул: ST-WFIM
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Город: Ningbo
Категория: Машины и станки

Product Description

ST-WFIM Woven Fabric Inspection Machine with optional data collection and analysis system(4-point system) to handle a wide range of rolled woven materials. This machine can be supplied to operate from plait/loose fabrics to roll, or with various other fabric inlet and outlet options

Product Feature

WOVEN FABRIC INSPECTION MACHINE: FEATURES: 1) . End of Fabric Roll Automatic Stop Sensor - for Next Roll Joining This will allow for continuous fabric inspection, from one peice of roll to next. 2) . Full Width Fabric Inspection - with 60 Degree Fixed Angle Inspection Screen Fabric can be checked under the aid of different viewing and lighting options. 3) . Accurate Fabric Length and Optional Weighing Machine Fabric roll length and weight can be taken by industrial standard measuring systems with digital readouts to give consistent fabric roll assessments. 4) . Accurate Fabric Edge Controlling Edge alignment photo-sensor for perfect roll generation. 5) . Consistent Roll Output - with Twin Rewinding Roller and Roll Hardness Adjustment Processed rolls are rewound with the correct amount of tension and are consistent from roll to roll. 6) . Versatile Fabric Input and Output Options - Synchronize with Other Production Operations Optional systems are available for different fabric input and output presentations, roll to roll, continuous fabric input, etc. 7) . Selvedge Shifting Device - Optional Ideal for for Thick/ Sulzer Selvedges. 8) . Data Collection and Analysis System ( 4-point System) - Optional 100% fabric inspection with software for accurate fabric roll analysis and printout. 9) . Automatic Linear Cut ( Fabric Roll End Cutter) - Optional Full width cutting at the end of processed roll, fast and accurate

Product Specification/Models

Technical Specification: Speed: 5-55m/min; Fabric Width: 1.8-4.0 meters; Standard Roll Diameter: 500mm; Dimensions(LXWXH): 3035X2630X2430(for model ST-WFIM-180 only); Weight: 1150kgs; Electric Specs: 3phase-380V;50HZ(can be adjusted to suit for different countries) Remark: Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

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