Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine (Especially For Lycra And Elastomeric Fabrics)(ST-DFSM)

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Suntech Industrial is one of the leading designers & manufacturers on textile machines for weaving & finishing units, especially for fabric inspection & make-up machines. Over 40 years...

Адрес: Китай, Ningbo, , Factory-- Ningbo, China Jiulei Economic & Development Zone, Yuyao, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Brand office--Hongkong Blk A2, 15/F Hillier Commercial Building 65-75 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hongkong
Телефон: 86-571-86597559
Факс: 86-571-86597559
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Артикул: ST-DFSM
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Город: Ningbo
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Product Description

These Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine (Especially For Lycra And Elastomeric Fabrics) (ST-DFSM) allows the automatization of selvedge sewing operation of knit fabrics for dyeing. Since lycra is increasingly being used in textile industry, a process of heat fixing of the fabric is required before dyeing. For this reason the raw tubular fabric has to be slit open, heat fixed and then sewn in tubular form again to be dyed.

Product Feature

FEATURES: 1) Doubling, sewing, plaiting any type of fabrics with inlet from plait/ loose fabrics, rolls or batchers. 2) For proper folding, special systems for thin and sensitive fabrics as well as fabrics with curled edges. 3) PLC controlled for synchronized operation. 4) Automatic alignment of selvedge on the doubling triangle with very sensitive and precise photo-electric guide. 5) Sewing carriage with Auto-Search of the fabric-edge. 6) System of motorized drawing to avoid harmful skids for the seam. 7) Reliable measuring with electronic calibrated counter meter system.

Product Specification/Models

Technical Specification: Doubling Speed: 0-80m/min; Sewing Speed: 0-30m/min; Fabric Width: 1.2-2.2 meters; Needle Distance: 1-5mm( adjustable); Dimensions( LxWxH): 4750x3250x3000mm( for model ST-DFSM-220 only); Weight: 1500kgs( for model ST-DFSM-220 only); Electric Specs: 3phase-380V; 50HZ(can be adjusted to suit for different countries) Remark: Variable working width is possible and can be tailor-made to your requirements of processing needs.

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