PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, Chemical resistance, Harmless to food, Customize

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PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is made by fiberglass fabric(C) with excellent high temperature resistance PTFE coated.


1. Heat resistance, ordinary working temperature -70~260 ℃.

2. Non-stick, surface is very smooth with PTFE coating and not easy sticking food.

3. Easy to clean, can be washed with water and dry it directly.

4. Can be used repeatedly, normally at least 100 times.

5. Harmless to food.


1. Gaskets for heating food, baking dishes, microwave gaskets

2. Anti-stick linings, gaskets, masks, etc.

3. Conveyor belts, adhesive belts and sealing belts for various drying machines according to their thickness

4. Anti-corrosion cladding for various petrochemical pipelines, electrical and electronic insulation, temperature-resistant cladding materials, environmental protection desulfurization of power plant waste gas, etc.

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