YJQ-W4Q Pneumatic crimping tool for wire range 6-14AWG used in electronic connectors

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YJQ-W4Q-BM2 contains YJQ-W4Q crimp tool frame, BM-2 bench mount, Foot value, Pressure regulating valve and Air hose etc. which are supplied with the tool. (The positioner should be ordered separately)


1. YJQ-W4Q is a pneumatic crimp tool which is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in both military and proprietary programs. It can save crimping time and avoid errors.

2. Wire crimp range: 6AWG (13.3mm^2) to 14AWG (2mm^2).


1. Crimping Method

The crimping tool adopts curve propulsion mechanism, its applied force transfers through four curves in the head cavity of the right plier handle to the four indenters. The four intenders do the centripetal linear motion, which makes its front-end teeth crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.

2. Working air pressure: 80-120 P.S.I.

Maximum pressure: 120 P.S.I.(5.5-8.3BAR)

The positioners should be purchased separately

3. Insert the contact and prepare the wire through the indenter from the opposite side. Supply air for the tool frame by using foot treadle or hand switch. Loosen it after the crimping operation finished.

4. Remove the finished assembly and insert the next contact to be crimped.


Keep the crimping tool and other units clean and properly stored when not in use or no operator maintenance.

Don’t try to immerse tools in cleaning solution or spray oil into tools to lubricate.

If finding anomalies due to the incorrect ways, don’t attempt to disassemble tools or make repairs. Please stop using it and connect us as soon as possible, our company will offer complete refurbishing and recalibration services.

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