8 DO 8 DIN 8 AIN Ethernet I/O module for Data Acquisition and Control

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Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in Industrial Ethernet I/O Modules, IoT Gateways, 4G RTU, 4G Industrial VPN Routers, Industrial Computer. OEM ODM services offered.

Адрес: Китай, 518100, Guangdong, , Qiaotou Community Fuyong street, Baoan, Shenzhen
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Компания: Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd.
Артикул: M160T
Цена: 95 $
Город: Guangdong
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The M series Ethernet Remote I/O Module is an industrial class, isolated designed, high reliability, high stability and high precision data acquisition module, embedded 32-Bit High Performance Microprocessor MCU, Integrated 1 Industrial 10/100M adaptive Ethernet module inside. It provides multi I/O, supports standard Modbus TCP, supports modbus master and slave, can be integrated into SCADA, OPC server, and other automation systems. It is design for working in the harsh industrial application environment, widely used in a variety of industrial automation, security monitoring system, automatically measurement and control system.


Model: M160T

Digital Inputs: 8 channel

Digital Outputs: 8 channel

Analog Inputs: 8 channel

Ethernet Port: 1 RJ45

Serial Port: 1 RS485

Protocol: Modbus TCP Master or Slave, TCP/IP, MQTT

Dimensions: 82x 40 x 99 mm

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