Modbus RTU to MQTT Conversion Gateway DTU SMS Alarm for Agriculture

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Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in Industrial Ethernet I/O Modules, IoT Gateways, 4G RTU, 4G Industrial VPN Routers, Industrial Computer. OEM ODM services offered.

Адрес: Китай, 518100, Guangdong, , Qiaotou Community Fuyong street, Baoan, Shenzhen
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Компания: Shenzhen Beilai Technology Co., Ltd.
Артикул: BL100
Цена: 86 $
Город: Guangdong
Категория: Телекоммуникации

BL100 gateway converting RS485 (Modbus RTU) to MQTT, supports 1/2 RS485 Port, Access self-built MQTT cloud, Modbus cloud, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and other IoT cloud through 4G network. It is also a DTU, SMS Alarm.

●Modbus RTU to MQTT protocol conversion;

●Wireless transparent transmission of various protocols to cloud;

●Can be used as Modbus Master/Slave, 2 RS485 make it possible to providing data to PLC/HMI while collecting RS485 instrument data, and then connect to the cloud platform through 4G;

●SMS alarm will send to users when the communication of the Modbus device is abnormal;

●Support Huawei IoT, Alibaba IoT, BLIIoT Cloud, self-built IoT;

●32 devices and 320 variables collect simultaneously;

●Built-in timer function, supporting timed automatic reporting, timed SMS, timed arming and disarming, timed restart, etc; umbers for receiving SMS alarms for device dropouts, serial data overruns, and abnormalities;

●Local configuration software, remote SMS settings, easy to use;

●Software/hardware watchdog to prevent fake death machines;

●Anti-disconnection mechanism, when device disconnected, it will resend data and notify the user by SMS;

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