Firstsing 6 axis Game Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad for Nintendo Switch Controller

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Connection: bluetooth 2.1

Material: ABS

6 axis

Buttons: A/B/X/Y, L1, R1, L1,R2 Directional buttons-UP/Down/LEFT/RIGHT, 2 anglog sticks, Home, Select, Start, Reset

Battery capacity: 400MA

Charge time: 1.5H

Special for mobile games players.

Support Android 3.0+ tablet PC/mobile and other android devices with Bluetooth function.

Support iOS 10.0.0 version- iPhone/iPad (iCade mode only).

3 modes: gamepad (for Android and PC), media/mouse (for Android), iCade (for iPhone/iPad).

4 LED indicators: gamepad/media/iCade/charge

Support PC-gamepad function.

Dual vibration supported.

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