UH2-5 (M22520/1-05) universal positioner

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UH2-5 (M22520/1-05) universal positioner is used with YJQ-W2 (M22520/1-01) crimping tool to locate contacts and wires which will be crimped in a specified position or to assure the samecrimping effects and distanceeverytime.


1. Aim the mounting screws at the tapped holes in the crimping tool. Tighten the mounting screws.

2. Raise and rotate selector knob to the desired wire size until the selector knob aim at the SEL.NO. index on the body of the tool.

3. Keep the lock nut in release position, then rotate the adjustment screw to the appropriate site to ensure the contacts and wires crimped in your specified place.

4. Tighten the lock nut. The positioner has set up and the tool is ready for crimping operation.


1. Keep the universal positioner clean and properly stored when not in use or no operator maintenance.

2. Don’t try to immerse it in cleaning solution or spray oil into it to lubricate.

3. If finding anomalies due to the incorrect ways, don’t attempt to disassemble tools or make repairs. Please stop using it and connect us as soon as possible, our company will offer complete refurbishing and recalibration services.

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