Nickel-Zinc rechargeable battery

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China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.

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Nickel-Zinc rechargeable battery

My company specializes in the development and manufacture of all kinds of nickel-zinc batteries with famous brand Belex that adapt for various applications in many industrial and military fields. Our company has obtained certification of ISO9001/2000, CE, UL and SGS with a number of national patents.

Nickel-Zinc secondary battery (rechargeable) is a world-wide problem. Our company is unique and exclusive in achieving a successful breakthrough of this key problem technically. This is an environmentally green product without pollution and damage to the nature.

The advanced technology in leading position of the world with company’s integrity, strength and sophisticated quality control system makes itself well-known, recognized by industries all over the world. We welcome friends and businessmen to our company for business negotiation.

Application of Nickel-Zinc rechargeable batteries is shown as below:

1), Nickel-Zinc rechargeable batteries can be used for energy driven for automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

2), It can be used in our everyday life, such as, cameras, power tools, fire equipments, etc.

3), It can be used in initiator for all the machines, equipments, vehicles, etc.

4), It can be used in military industries.

5), We are able to design, develop and manufacture any model batteries for special purposes as per customer’s specific technical requirements and demands.

Alex Li

Mobile: +86 13929890858

Skype: vacuum-metallizer


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