MARC BY MARC JACOBS iPhone Case - Linear D1

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We at Richci believe that a stylish mobile device should not be compromised by a below par case/cover/protection device. We provide you with a stylish range of cases which are of excellent quality and...

Адрес: Тайланд, 10500, Bangkok, , 10 siphay Rd
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Компания: Richci
Артикул: AP-29930
Цена: 14,90 $
Город: Bangkok
Категория: Телекоммуникации

Declare your fashion status every time you make a call with this plastic iPhone case from

MARC BY MARC JACOBS, splashed with a graphic print.


Hardshell case

Fits all iPhone 4 models

Colors available: Black, Red, Pink, White, Yellow

Minimum Order: 6 Pcs. (Assorted styles)

Delivered within 3-5 business days upon receipt of paymeny

Free Shipping via Registered Airmail

Free Shipping Worldwide Express Delivery On International orders over US$200.00

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