Lucien Elements First Edition Candy Series Genuine Crystals iPhone 4/4S Case (Blue)

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We at Richci believe that a stylish mobile device should not be compromised by a below par case/cover/protection device. We provide you with a stylish range of cases which are of excellent quality and...

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Компания: Richci
Артикул: AP-29897
Цена: 79 $
Город: Bangkok
Категория: Телекоммуникации

The World's First iPhone case to combine the use of high grade, injected-molded ABS and Jewelry Grade metal, enamel, and authentic gems. Lucien Elements Loveless iPhone 4 Case offers Full Unibody iPhone Protection with crystals on both front and back.

Available in a wider spectrum of colors than its 3G/3Gs predecessor, enthusiasts will be able to choose from a total of 11 gorgeous handpicked hues. An even more elegant streamlined look compliments the iPhone 4 / 4S to minimize excessive bulk while simultaneously sporting a fresh look that screams “Designer.” Keeping in the tradition of the Lucien brand, this product line still

features an infinitely dazzling Genuine crystal design with interchangeable LumaBelt.

The newest feature among this product line is the LumaSlide. Each case features a removable, interchangeable, and patent-pending back slide (LumaSlide) that is compatible with all our other cases in the iPhone 4 / 4S line. This unique feature allows end-user the ultimate in customization.

Special Features:

Each crystal is hand-set in its very own setting to help minimize any chances of crystals being damaged or "scraped" off

Unique LUMASLIDE Pressure Lock allows for Superior Quality Fit and Finish (NOT CHEAP SNAP ON TECHNOLOGY)

Full Unibody iPhone Protection while having crystals on both front AND back of each case

Full Compatibility with all Front Screenguards

The World's First iPhone case to combine the use of high grade, injected-molded ABS and Jewelry Grade metal, enamel, and authentic gems

Interchangeable LUMABELT, featuring unique and beautiful designs that can be selected to match your own personal style, wardrobe and individuality

About Lucien Elements

Focusing on high-end, luxury iPhone cases, Lucien dreams, conjures, and materializes high-quality fashion accessories for personal technology devices such as cell phones and portable media players. These products completely transform such devices into works of art and fashion that capture the attention and imagination of all those around them. Lucien's products also include special design features that enable users greater and greater customization over time, making their technology devices not only beautiful, but also unique.

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