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Продам: Charcoal Dust Roller Press Machine(86-15978436639)

Is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling complete equipment of coal briquetting machine production line. With standard modern workshop, first-class advanced technology and testing...

Адрес: Китай, 450000, xingyang, , Zhaojizhuang Industry Zone, Yulong Town, China
Телефон: 86-15978436639
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Автор: Zhengzhou Shisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Город: xingyang
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(1) Charcoal dust roller press machine is multifunctional machine, it can briquette various material, like Kaolin clay, oil shale,urea fertilizer, sand powder, mill scale, coke fines, iron dust, gypsum powder, carbon black, converter dust, etc.

(2) The finish briquette is energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation, improve the utilization rate of waste, with advantages of continuous production, high automation, good economic and social benefits.

(3) The charcoal dust roller press machine has 1-6T/H output briquettes production. The size and shape of briquettes is customized but commonly be produced into 25-60mm diameters, the shape shall be oval, round, pillow, square, etc.

(4) Different materials will be designed into different production line work-flow, customer needs to tell us of the materials' moisture, particle size, yield, briquettes size, shape, some special circumstances maybe need auxiliary equipment such as other crusher, mixer, screen mesh, vibration sieve, binder feeder, briquette drying machine, etc.



cell: 0086-15978436639

email: lixingchen0822@126.com

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