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Is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling complete equipment of coal briquetting machine production line. With standard modern workshop, first-class advanced technology and testing...

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Автор: Zhengzhou Shisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Pillow shape charcoal ball machine is used for coal fines, ore fines, desulfurization gypsum, phosphor gypsum, coke fines, iron fines, mill scale, fluorite power, manganese ore fine sand other material fines into briquette, which can be made to round ball shape, oval shape, pillow shape, square shape and so on,or can be manufacture as customer requirement. This machine is widely used in refratory industry,coal industry,and metallurgy industry. Pillow shape charcoal ball machine, the main rollers adopt high-quality manganese steel materials(65Mn/9Cr2Mo), greatly improving the wear resistance and pressure ability, make the machine has a long service life, has been widely used in recent years.


(1) The particle size of raw material should be between 0-5mm.

(2) Pillow shape charcoal ball machine feeding material can not contain impurities, especially large metal. such as nails, or iron bolts and nuts, rocks, etc. it is easy to damage roller and spindle.

(3) The feeding speed of whole production line should be stable, even, and make sure workloads is also stable so as to get high efficiency of production.

Production Line Work-flow:

The pillow shape charcoal ball machine production line generally includes raw material batching, grinding and mixing, briquetting and drying.

(1) The different kinds of raw material is evenly mixed by batching machine in the first step.

(2)These machine goes into wheel grinding mixer or double shaft mixer machine to further mixing, at this moment, the binder material will be put into together.

(3)The mixture material will enter into pillow shape charcoal ball machine for molding, and discharged various briquette shape according to customer requirement.

(4)Because the fresh briquette contents moisture, couldn’t be used directly. The mesh belt dryer or chain belt dryer, as well as vertical dryer will give them completely drying process. The final dried briquette can be smelted, transported or heating directly.



cell: 0086-15978436639

email: lixingchen0822@126.com

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