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Продам: coal dust briquette machine(86-15978436639)

Is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling complete equipment of coal briquetting machine production line. With standard modern workshop, first-class advanced technology and testing...

Адрес: Китай, 450000, xingyang, , Zhaojizhuang Industry Zone, Yulong Town, China
Телефон: 86-15978436639
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Автор: Zhengzhou Shisheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Город: xingyang
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Feeding Size: < 5mm

Capacity: 0.9-17T/H

Raw Material: coal powder, coal gangue, soft coal, anthrocite coal, coke, white coal, coking coal, pertroleum coke, bituminous coal.

Advantages: mechanical pressure, disc spring pressure. Wearable 65Mn foundry technology roller. The briquetting ratio reaches 98%.

Coal dust briquette machine is also called coal powder molding machine, it is used to briquette coal powder, coal gangue, soft coal, anthrocite coal, etc. Belongs to cold briquetting technology; In production, it can produce popular briquette shapes, like oval shape, pillow shape and square shape, etc. in high density, strong strength and high hardness through adding some kind of binder material, so customers are more like it. Its structure is composed of three parts: feeding system, transmission system and briquetting system. XM290 model coal dust briquette machine is often as a trial order goes to customer site for small size and easy maintenance.

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