Learn about the range of electric vehicle charging products

The electric vehicle charging product series includes charging piles, charging guns, charging cables, charging sockets, chargers, etc. These products are usually classified according to different charging standards and powers, including DC fast charging, AC charging, home charging, etc. Charging piles are usually installed in parking lots or home garages to provide faster charging services; charging guns and charging cables are used to connect electric vehicles and charging equipment for charging; charging sockets are used for charging at home or in offices, and The charger is used to convert current and voltage and transfer electrical energy to the electric vehicle battery. When choosing electric vehicle charging products, factors such as charging standards, power, safety performance, compatibility, etc. need to be considered to ensure charging efficiency and safety.

Big move for charging piles: "In the past, driving new energy vehicles on high speeds was the most worrying thing about queuing up for charging. Now a lot of charging pile parking spaces have been added, which saves us new energy electric vehicle owners a lot of time."

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