High-power cables offer solution services for electric vehicles

At present, there are some challenges in high-power charging of electric vehicles, such as the construction and layout of charging piles and the load bearing capacity of the power grid. Therefore, when promoting high-power charging equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the needs of electric vehicles, the construction of charging infrastructure, and the capabilities of the power grid to achieve a sustainable electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

High-power cable is a cable used to charge high-power equipment. It is usually used to charge high-power electronic equipment such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles. This cable has the characteristics of high load capacity, fast charging speed, safety and reliability, and can effectively provide continuous and stable power supply to the device. During the charging process, using high-power cables can shorten the charging time, improve charging efficiency, and ensure the safe charging of the device. Next, we will introduce the specific process and precautions for high-power cable charging.

The development of high-power charging is developing rapidly along with people's demand for faster charging. However, due to power limitations and site requirements, high-power charging will generate greater heat. The current mainstream solution is liquid cooling charging technology. It can be seen that liquid cooling has gradually become the standard for high-power overcharging.

Although high-power charging further improves the charging speed, we also found that the charging gun used with high-power charging is bulky and has a poor user experience. The liquid-cooled charging gun can well solve the problem of poor high-power charging experience. Provide better charging for electric vehicle owners and improve the charging experience.

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