From God to Hell in 2 months, originating from Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manufacturers at the bottom of society

Yesterday, hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer AAK defined some people as the bottom of society, although it is quite distressing, this is also a fact. In Ningbo, although there are over 200 of hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, most of them are at the bottom of the industry. People are stratified, and hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers are also stratified.

People at the bottom of society are almost always those who do not like to use their brains, and their perception of life is relatively shallow. Easy to move and angry, but usually comes quickly and goes quickly. They are deeply moved when others helped them, and at that moment, they were sincere. But they superficially believe that a "thank you" from themself can be equivalent to someone else's deep affection. The root cause is that they do not understand that the underlying logic of society is "equivalent exchange", and their gratitude becomes particularly cheap. If you provoke them, they do care about your past interactions and the help you gave them, and immediately turn again you mercilessly, because they really can't hold back. Even if there is a cost of having their tongue cut off afterwards, they must speak out what they want to say.

Recently, a client of mine found a new valve from a hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in Ningbo, for AAK did not have the existing program for this valve, he had to purchase it from that manufacturer. This hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer seems to have just started foreign trade and has received a foreign trade order. He treated my client very well and was also very grateful. 2 months later, upon receiving the bulk shipment from this hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer, my client requested a refund and return due to unstable quality. However, the manufacturer seemed to disappear and did not respond to emails or phone calls. My client asked me to help negotiate with the hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer, so I saw the email communication between the client and this hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer. This manufacturer went from treating customers as gods to trampling them underfoot, just in a moment of thought.

People at the bottom of society are like neighbors in a large courtyard. As long as their own interests are not involved, neighbors will be very enthusiastic and helpful to each other. However, when it comes to their own interests, even if they are brothers, they will fight against you. Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers at the bottom of the industry are like people at the bottom of society. As long as you influence their interests, whether you are their customer or their supplier, you become their enemy.

I like to interact with bookworms who love to "use their brains", not only because of their sense of propriety, but also because they don't waste time and are controllable. The same goes for partners in business, if your supplier is from the bottom of society and is just a brainchild, such uncontrollable cooperation is like walking on a tightrope.

AAK, a Hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturer in China, loves reading and has a brain. Live thoroughly and do professionally.



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