Comparison of the advantages of high-power charging cables

Under the background of policies, unstable energy supply and rising oil prices, electric vehicles have been developing rapidly. New energy vehicles are more energy-saving and environment-friendly than traditional fuel cars, bringing users a different experience, but range and charging efficiency are still the two major pain points that restrict their development.

There are two main ways to improve the charging efficiency of new energy electric vehicles: increasing the voltage of the whole vehicle; increasing the output current of the charging pile. Either way, there are higher requirements for the conductivity of charging cables. To increase the charging current and voltage, it is necessary to increase the cable diameter and insulation thickness to ensure the smooth transmission of high power current, but this will increase the wire diameter of the charging cable, and the high current transmission will generate more heat, and the direct contact between the charging gun and the electric car at high temperature may also lead to spontaneous combustion of the car.

To solve the above problems, OMG' has developed a high-power liquid-cooled charging cable. Depending on the medium, there are oil-cooled and water-cooled cables.

The high-power oil-cooled charging cable utilizes liquid-cooling technology, where the insulation layer is designed as an oil tube and the conductor part is directly immersed in oil, forming a liquid-cooled circulation system. Through the sealed circulation connection inside the charging gun, the liquid circulation cooling effect is better, and it can reach the high current carrying capacity of 600A, which can fully charge the electric vehicle in a short time and eliminate the charging anxiety of users.

The high-power water-cooled charging cable adds water pipes inside the cable, and the cooling medium is non-insulated liquid, which can be pure water or antifreeze, etc. It helps the cable dissipate heat better during the conduction process, which can improve the load flow of the cable, effectively overcome the heat damage of the charging gun, charging cable and charging post, and improve the charging efficiency, and this design can make the cable wire diameter very small and increase the user experience.

OMG' conducts strict tests on the performance of products such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, explosion-proof, weather resistance and low temperature resistance to ensure that the products are qualified. Please search for: https://www.omgevcable.com

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