AAK Hydraulic Check Valve with 3 major guarantees, waiting for Diego's big order calmly

Diego comes from Argentina and specializes in drilling hydraulic machinery. All the hydraulic valves he used are purchased from China and the United States, whether they are hydraulic cartridge valves or hydraulic modular valves. A while ago, he stumbled when purchasing a hydraulic check valve that imitates SUN standard parts from a hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo China. During equipment debugging, it was found that the opening pressure control of the hydraulic check valve in the system was unstable. The original manufacturer of the hydraulic check valve stated that this parameter is based on the SUN standard parts, and to fully match the equipment's operating conditions, it can only be optimized on the original standard parts. However, for the quantity is small, the manufacturer is not willing to do this customization. Diego is embarrassed.

Diego contacted AAK hydraulic valve. After communication, it was learned that the hydraulic check valve he purchased encountered difficulties with unstable opening pressure control. Based on the working conditions of his equipment, we have determined that the hydraulic check valve equivalent to the original SUN standard component model can be used, and only a little more effort is needed on the hydraulic check valve spring. The unstable opening pressure control of the original manufacturer's hydraulic check valve is rooted in the inadequate spring and machining accuracy. Diego was a bit skeptical. I suggested him trying 10 hydraulic check valve samples of AAK first. If the test runs smoothly, then he can purchase hydraulic check valves in bulk.

3 weeks after AAK hydraulic check valves were sent out, Diego emailed us saying that their equipment was equipped with AAK hydraulic check valves, and the equipment was debugged and passed the testing. The opening pressure control of the AAK hydraulic check valve was stable, and there was no any problem. Their batch order for hydraulic check valves will be sent to AAK in 1 month, but the price needs to be renegotiated because the regular order quantity of hydraulic check valves will be more than 30 times that of the trial order.

The reason why AAK hydraulic check valve can replace the one produced by the original cartridge valve manufacturer is because we do not copy industry standards. Whether in terms of material or component selection, it corresponds to the operating conditions of the equipment.

1. Selection of spare parts: The AAK hydraulic check valve adopts American Associated Spring, which has better sensitivity than SUN standard parts, especially the elastic limit and strength limit, far exceeding the domestic carbon spring steel wire. Our spring stability is a powerful guarantee for stable opening pressure.

2. Equipment selection: AAK hydraulic check valve adopts German machine tools, DMG high-precision CNC machining center, and testing equipment from Mitutoyo in Japan. The machining accuracy is also guaranteed.

3. Material selection: The AAK hydraulic check valve is made of corrosion-resistant alloy steel, which adds another guarantee to its durability.

AAK hydraulic check valve has 3 major guarantees, not only with stable pressure control, but also with durability. You can also give it a try!

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