Pilot-Operated, Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valve with 8 inquiries and 6 orders in 12 months, all 3 model codes benchmarking against SUN PPDB

Today, AAK will post a Pilot-Operated, Pressure Reducing/Relieving Valve benchmarking SUN Hydraulics' PPDB series, and we have developed 3 sub categories: E-PPDB-LAN; E-PPDB-LDN; E-PPDB-LWN. The working characteristics of this pilot operated pressure reducing/relieving valve are: the pilot operated valves exhibit exceptionally flat pressure/flow characteristics are very stable and have low hysteresis. Pilot operated reducing/relieving valves by nature are not fast acting valves. For superior dynamic response, consider direct acting valves. The function of this pilot operated pressure reducing/relieving valve is to reduce a high primary pressure at the inlet (port 2) to a constant reduced pressure at port 1, with a full-flow relief function from port 1 to tank (port 3).

In the past 12 months, AAK have received 8 inquiries and 6 orders.

The selling points of this pilot operated pressure reducing/relieving valve are:

1. Control Pilot flow: 7 - 10 in³/min, Benchmarking SUN

2. The service life is 2 times that of domestic peers in China

Technical parameters of AAK E-PPDB Hydraulic Pilot-operated, pressure reducing/relieving valve:

Max. Operating Pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi)

Capacity: 10 gpm (40L/min)

Control Pilot Flow: 7 - 10 in³/min.

Cavity: T-11A

For this pilot-operated pressure reducing/relieving valve with 3 sub categories, benchmarking SUN PPDB series, you can also try it out.

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVES (579) 2023-05-08


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